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Reverse Osmosis Systems

Water Softening and Reverse Osmosis Plant

Precise control attuned to the application can contribute to a significant improvement of the entire production process.

Therefore, we made it our mission decades ago to provide our customers with application-oriented solutions in which every individual component is attuned exactly to every other.

Monitoring and control of water treatment example: softening plant


The following parameters must be monitored:

  •     Quality

  •     Salt deficiency in the brine tank    

  •     Correct regeneration cycle

You can achieve this by using our controllers and measuring instruments in combination:

  • Testomat® 2000,

  • Softmaster® MMP2,

  • MultiControl



  •     Less waste water

  •     lower salt use    

  •     cost savings thanks to lower energy requirements

Graph of water measurement in a reverse osmosis plant.

1    Softmaster® MMP compact control of softening plant
2    Testomat® 2000/ECO/EVO hardness measurement
3    Softening plant
4    Reverse osmosis plant
5    Softmaster® ROE1 control of reverse osmosis plant

Our reverse osmosis plant systems:

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