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Get to know us

We are Heyl Brothers North America and have been dedicated to industrial water treatment and water analysis equipment for over 60 years.

Founded as a small family business in 1958 in Hildesheim, Germany, we have grown into an international business with more than 70 employees. Initially producing pharmaceuticals, our product range changed over time, and in the sixties, we developed our first solution for water hardness determination.

Over the next decades, we have continuously improved our chemical indicators and control devices and expanded our product range to meet further needs of our customers in the field of water analysis. Today, more than 36,000 of our analyzers are in use worldwide, improving the water quality of over 2,600 satisfied customers.


Our innovative and state-of-the-art analyzers made in Germany are sold by various distributors all over the world, including subsidiaries in the USA, France, Germany and the Netherlands. All together we guarantee that your water quality perfectly matching.

2,600+ customers

70+ employees

36,000+ analyzers 

Tilman Testomat Keller nah 2.jpg
"When water and Heyl come together, resources are preserved."

Tillman Heyl, CEO Heyl Brothers North America

Our Team

Dive into our team at Heyl Brother North America where we live by the motto "Water is our element” every single day. Committed to advancing water analysis, we are a dedicated group of experts ranging from engineers and product owners to communicators and marketers. Our shared passion for water quality drives us to innovate and provide cutting-edge solutions. With a deep understanding of our element, we work collaboratively to develop state-of-the-art analyzers that make a difference according to your needs! Get to know the minds behind our groundbreaking solutions and join us on this aquatic journey towards a cleaner future.

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