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 Online monitoring of water quality

Heyl Brothers process photometers and titration instruments have been putting their reliability and practicality to the test since 1958. With improved accuracy and resolution, in combination with analysis functions that have undergone consistent further development, the current generation of instruments helps water treatment system operators reduce costs and guarantee optimal water quality.

Online monitoring of water quality with Heyl Brothers instruments

Our instruments for hardness monitoring:

Improve your water treatment process with online analysis instruments


Plant operators and plant technicians can increase the efficiency of the boiler water softening process with constant water quality monitoring. This enables operators to recognize whether the regeneration process is running correctly, the resin quality is still sufficient, and sufficient regeneration conditioning agents are present in the right consistency.

The combination of Testomat 2000®, Softmaster® MMP2. and MultiControl leads to less waste water, low salt use, and cost savings thanks to low energy requirements.


What companies can save energy costs by monitoring water quality with online analysis instruments?


Companies that use low-pressure boilers, such as:

  •  bakeries

  •  meat processing plants

  •  steam generation sterilization

  •  laundry companies

High-pressure boilers are manufactured as large-volume boilers with an allowable operating pressure between 14.5 and 362.5 psi (1 and 25 bar).

This technology is used by companies in the following sectors:

  •  food and beverage industry (breweries, dairies)

  •  pulp and paper industry

  •  chemical industry

  •  pharmaceutical industry

  •  construction materials industry 

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