German Innovation,

Distributed Worldwide.


Nearly 60 years ago we set out to fundamentally change the way the world monitors and analyzes water quality. In the last six decades we have provided quality analysis equipment that facilitates measurement and improves accuracy of data.

In the 1960s we were the first to develop and offer chemical reagents that last up to two years. Today we specialize in the development of fully automated water quality instrumentation.
We serve various industries that deal with potable industrial process water. Ranging from water hardness, alkalinity, phosphate or polymer to chlorine and sulfite.

Our analyzers become crucial for cost efficient water process management at numerous facilities. By immersing ourselves in the market, we have developed high quality products while also integrating our distributors and customers along the value chain.

Current industry demands drive our partnerships while cooperative R&D projects ensure that we continue to provide the best equipment at the highest standards.

Our Service
  • Our service begins with the development of close-to-the market instruments and chemicals. We do on-site testing of each analyzer in cooperation with out distributors and customers.

  • Investing in an online analyzer positively contributes to daily operations. No need to take the instrument off the grid for maintenance. All necessary cleaning and replacement processes can be easily performed by the plant's technicians.

  • Our U.S. Representative Office in Chicago, Illinois is available for support regarding installation, maintenance, and spare parts.

  • We ship directly from our stock in Illinois, ensuring minimal disruption to operations.

  • An automated parts replacement plan is available and recommended.

  • Our maintenance support does not require a service contract of service fees.